Walmart Facing 174 Charges For Selling Contaminated Food After Wildfire

1485594518351Written By: Adam Peach

A Walmart store in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada reportedly has been selling contaminated food.  Walmart Canada and four of its managers are now facing 174 charges in relation to fire-contaminated food.

The wildfire started in May, 2016, Fort MacMurray residents were evacuated, as it spread  approximately 590,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres) before it was declared to be under control on July 5, 2016.

Court documents have shown the violations occurred at the Walmart store of Hospital Street, around May 24 – May 29, 2016.

Before residents re-entered the city, businesses and residents were urged repeatedly to throw out any food items not stored safely in cans or tins.

In a statement reported by CBC News, Walmart Canada said this:

“We, at all material times, and during an unprecedented crisis, worked very closely with both food inspectors and the crisis management team of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to re-open the store as soon as reasonably possible, in an effort to support and meet the critical needs of the community.”

Statement from Walmart Canada, CBC News, article HERE

Under the Public Health Act, each offense would impose a fine of up to $2,000.





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