St Petersburg explosion by John Sole

Explosion in St Petersburg’s subway car kills fourteen
An explosion took place on Monday, April 3rd at 2:40 pm local time in Russia’s second largest city as a homemade explosive device was set off in a subway train which was traveling between two stations. The blast caused fourteen deaths – seven inside the subway car and seven more after being taken to a nearby hospital – while forty-nine of the travelers were wounded.
The author of the attack is thought to be Akbarzhon Jalilov, a Russian citizen born in Kirgizstan, a predominantly Muslim country in central Asia. No organization has yet claimed itself responsible for the action, but if ISIS’ involvement is confirmed it would be seen as an assault towards Russia following its intervention in the Syrian civil war.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was in St Petersburg when the explosion occurred, visited the scene a few hours after the attack and spoke harshly against terrorism. White House officials also announced that President Donald Trump had spoken with Putin by phone and offered his “full support” in bringing down those responsible.
A second bomb, which was found in a nearby station, was deactivated before it exploded, and it is thought to have been placed by the same suspect. St Petersburg’s subway, which was closed off after the attack, has since been re-opened as the city tries to go back to a normal life.


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