How do we unify America? By Anthony Bennett

Hi I’m Anthony. I sometimes write stuff and post stuff. Here’s some stuff.

I’ve been deep in contemplation about what we have to do politically. I’m still ruminating. Something that keeps coming back to me is that the personal and the political are inseparable, even if distinct. That is, people’s personalities and political beliefs are reflections of each other. 

Who is the enemy? Conservatives? Trump? Liberals? It’s easy for me to forget that all of these people have something in common with me: We’re all Americans and we’re all (well, most), from our own perspectives, trying to make America great. 

So how the hell can we unify EVERYBODY. How the hell can we build a movement that encompasses conservative minded folk, liberal minded folk, and radical minded folk? Well, we have to get at what each group /really/ wants, as opposed to what they say they want. In my observations, rarely do civic minded people truly want opposing things. We’re witness that conservatives can stomach gay rights if political correctness isn’t being shoved down their throats. Liberals are generally chill with guns so long as they feel we enough protections against shitty and psychotic people from getting them. Likewise, conservatives will allow some commonsense guns regulations as long as they don’t feel it’s Hillary Clinton incremental bullshit that’s going to eventually take their guns away in 20 years. 

The theme I keep noticing is that everyone is at least tolerant of everyone so long they feel safe knowing their true wants and needs are accommodated.

So how the hell do we build a movement that transcends all the partisanship of our politics? How do we build a movement that the most bleeding liberal, the most rugged conservative, and the most liberated radical can get behind with enthusiasm and fervor? How can we unify America?


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