Breaking down the Democratic Establishment

I wish people would put the effort that they’re putting into reviving the Democratic Party, instead of into building a 3rd party that’s actually for the people. The Justice Democrats support Keith Ellison, who stated the other day “I can’t understand why people have more beef with Hillary than Trump”. Well, maybe that’s because the DNC worked to boost him as the pied piper candidate? They never thought “eh people will be so desperate to leave establishment politics that they’d vote for an authoritarian mook.” But that’s exactly what happened and you don’t hear that on the news. What you do here is “unity”, unity for what? You want us to unify with the establishment Dems that brought us this presidency? No thank you, when will you realize the DNC doesn’t want to change nor will it. They lost because they don’t want a real progressive in the White House.
The Democrats claim to be enforcing a said “resistance” against Donald Trump. Yet we keep seeing a number of Democrats show their true neoliberal colors by voting along side with the GOP to confirm cabinet picks. Shall we go over these sell outs?
“Four members of the Senate Democratic caucus broke ranks and joined Republicans to confirm former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. The vote was 56-43, with Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., not voting.
Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Angus King of Maine, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, voted for Tillerson.” – The Intercept
As secretary of state, Tillerson will have tremendous power to influence climate-related negotiations — and to help energy firms secure rights to pump fossil fuels overseas.
“Warner, Heitkamp, and Manchin are long-time boosters of the Keystone XL pipeline; the State Department has major authority over its construction due to it being a cross-border project.” – The Intercept
Would you look at that? The Democrats showing their true colors, sucking up to the god damn oil industries. The newest trend (meaning within the last 10 years) has been for the Democrats to become more right in order to gain more voters. But they aren’t doing it the right way. They’re leaning more to the right in ways like sucking up to big money in politics & being pushed around by lobbyists.
For example, Cory Booker & 12 other Democrats voted against a bill introduced by Bernie Sanders. Currently the MOST POPULAR POLITICIAN. So obviously he’s doing something right, maybe these Democrats should take notes if they want to take the house & Senate back in 2018. Because so far I haven’t seen any popular candidates popping up around states. This bill that was introduced aimed to lower drug prices, and won the backing of 13 Republicans. That’s one way for the Democratic Establishment to spit in the faces of true progressives. This bill had a good shot at passing but these democrats sold out to big pharma to protect their wallets. Let it go through the other 11 Democrats that voted against cheaper medicine.
A whole list of Democrats who need to be replaced in 2018 and I hope everyone gets their shit together by then. The Democrats have also been sucking up to big oil in recent years, again trading profit over people. California, for example, is in the grip of big oil.
“ California legislators received $253,771.98 in 2016 in free trips, dinners, and hotel stays from groups at least partly funded by or affiliated with companies from the oil and gas sector, according to legislators’ financial disclosure forms released last week and analyzed by the Energy and Policy Institute, a pro-clean energy watchdog organization.”
$253,771.98 in 2016 alone on free trips and dinners etc. You think they were just giving that money away? Of course not! America actually allows this shit to go on; we could give 2 shits about corporate money influencing our policies. This is all paid back to the companies by how they vote.
“The Oily Dems who voted for Big Oil interests received an average of $3,685 per year in gifts while in office between 2012 and 2016,” according to the report. “That value was 2.5 times more than the amount that Democrats who did not vote with Big Oil received in gifts during the same period, which averaged $1,486 per year in office.”
It is revealing that Assembly Member Rudy Salas, the honorary co-chair of the “Women’s Empowerment Summit” on May 7 of last year, received the most oil industry gifts, $24,549.33, of any legislator in 2016.” – The Daily Kos
That’s just in California alone let me remind you. North Dakota is also in the pockets of big oil as the governor has dedicated his life to sucking up to big oil. But let us not forget out our recent “progressive” being sold to us that was only a little better of a choice than Tom Perez. Keith Ellison. Have we forgotten about his donors? Why don’t people ever look into the funds behind the candidates?
“Ellison’s candidacy is marred by his ties to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, whose son, Alex, is listed on Ellison’s initial list of endorsers in his announcement to run for DNC chair. Shortly after the presidential election, Ellison attended a closed-door conference hosted by the elder Soros, contrary to demands from progressives that Democrats stop allowing the wealthy to buy access and influence to party officials.
Now Ellison is reportedly set to endorse a multi-millionaire real estate developer, Stephen Bittel, who is buying his way into the position of chair of the Florida Democratic Party” – The Observer
And that’s not all….
“It is disappointing that Ellison would endorse Bittel, a wealthy pro-Clinton donor with close ties to disgraced former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In 2015, Wasserman Schultz appointed Bittel as co-finance chair of the DNC. The Washington Post reported in July that DNC staff members thought Bittel was “overbearing, abrasive — and someone the staff sought to avoid.” – The Observer
We keep getting these half ass progressives thrown at us that still cozy up to big money interests. We cannot unify with the people accepting things we don’t want in our politics. Say no to big money, or say no to being the people’s voice. You were elected to work for the people, not the corporations, no matter what people say. Time and time again the DNC makes it clear that they will treat true progressives as second-class voters. Nancy Pelosi has decided to keep the direction of the party because she expects people just to vote Democrat after a few years of Donny. We cannot let that mindset be what gets the democrats back into power. We must hold them to the fire to change to a people’s party or watch a 3rd party rise across the nation.
“I don’t think people want a new direction,” she said in a December 4 interview with CBS’ Face the Nation. “Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families.” She added, “We went up so high in 2006 and 2008. Let me just put that in perspective. When President Clinton was elected, the Republicans came in big in the next election. When President Bush was elected, we came in big in the subsequent election. When President Obama was elected President, the Republicans came up big in the next election.” – The Observer
This is your house minority leader Democrats. You are risking throwing away a whole generation of voters because you’re not willing to drop the corporate bullshit to listen to the people you were elected to represent? That’s a full load of bullshit and you know it, make the Democratic Party earn your vote. Don’t let them just rely on the pendulum to swing back their way for your vote. It’s time to take the power back from our system put people power back in politics. Demand the change or build it yourself from a 3rd party, make the DNC wish they listened.


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