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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Democrats had Seth Rich Murdered: How?

Dead 27-year-old Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks, according to a private investigator. The P.I., Rod Wheeler, says his FBI source found evidence of Rich’s communication with Wikileaks.

Rich’s family member (or a DNC representative?) complains now that Wheeler’s contract barred him from speaking to the press without their authorization.

Why keep secrets? Why wouldn’t family want help finding the killers?

WikileaksPodesta Emails” and “DNC Leak” proved Bernie Sanders voters were cheated of fair primaries. Less than 48 hours after Seth Rich’s murder, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton in a bizarre betrayal of his donors and his decades-long political stances.

Bernie supporters found their voter registration hacked, preventing their voting for Sanders in the 2016 Primary. Seth Rich worked as DNC’s voter expansion data director.

Rich was shot in the back near his home at about 4:19 AM on July 10. He spoke with the bartender Joe Capone at Lou’s City Bar till 1:45 AM. Then he’s unaccounted for till 4:19.

Supposedly two assailants were seen on a surveillance camera but that footage wasn’t released. DC police — who arrived at once, wearing body cams — contend that it was just a robbery gone wrong. Yet it appeared nothing valuable was missing; Seth Rich was conscious when found, and he spoke to his family at the hospital.

DC police essentially refused to cooperate with the private investigator.

“Officer Robinson responded to Seth Rich shooting. Robinson went to Georgetown U when Podesta taught there. Robinson’s sister worked for HRC.” — /pol/newsforever

DNC created the entire “TrumpRussia” folly as a distraction from their proven fraud. Former British ambassador Craig Murray told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off for Wikileaks, hence blaming Russia for the DNC leaks was wrong.

Independent citizen journalist George Webb suspects Rich was drugged, interrogated, then dumped on the corner and shot: “They propofoled him at 2AM, he gave up everything under drugs, and they rolled him out of the car at 4:15 AM.” He’d been revived enough to call his girlfriend Kelsey Mulka, apparently, and had been at a bar so perhaps attributed his condition to alcohol. “He went to the hospital at 4:20 AM, and he talked with his parents and brother. He was sitting up and talking with them, but he was still a bit groggy from the propofol.” He lived till 6 AM, over 90 minutes after the shots. “Then the nurse anesthetist took him out at 5:59 AM after his family left the hospital” or an EMT finished him: “Trainees are a favorite. They are gone in a couple of days. No footprints. Off to another hospital…. I can take an ex-con, train them in two weeks to hang a drip bag, and then I am good at that hospital until somebody lodges a complaint, then I move him out. I still get six or seven “sleeps” out of him before someone complains.” Or possibly Seth Rich had been drugged with something designed to interact with anesthesia.

“If there was the slightest possibility that Seth might be anywhere near close to death, the hospital would have had him on a heart monitor, a breathing ventilator, all sorts of drips, and literally everything a person needs to stay alive after being shot. What happened at the hospital makes no sense.” — rockguitarnow

“So, an assassin(s) pushed a drugged Seth Rich out of their vehicle and shot him while they remained inside? That may explain the bruises and why no shell casings were recovered. They landed on the floor of the vehicle. The police were there in a little over a minute. Anyone on foot would have been caught. Who has possession of that convenience store video? Scary thought… Some operative was surveilling the scene and saw that Seth was still alive when the police came, and called ahead to someone at the hospital.” — Lane Change 

Webb explains the original set-up: “You can do the extraction off the street in a number of ways. Usually a pretty girl needing help with a tire, etc. You have the accomplice come from behind with the chloroform or whatever they use now. You usually explode something or stage a loud fight at the end of the street. Big move covers the small move. Once in the car, you go to a garage. He never leaves the back seat. He gives up Ratner first (but I believe they already know that from [Clinton Foundation’s former, perhaps extremely former employee Eric] Braverman), and then he gives up Jones and MacFayden.” MacFadyen is a deceased American investigative reporter and deceased director of WikiLeaks. “The grogginess means Seth dissipates the propyfol…. When the police withhold the details, you know something is up. I think the two shots are necessary to signal the JTTF team to come pick him up.”

Webb also surmises, “Somebody leaked the NSA trace of Seth’s calls to Ratner and Jones. I don’t think he is killed just for emails. Usually, there has to be a meeting. …It is after he gives Murray the thumbdrive in the park. He is going to call somebody in London to make sure they got the stuff. Hillary doesn’t care about the intermediary. She didn’t know who the contact point was in London. That’s what they wanted. MacFayden recruited stringers every year at his journalism camp, and their feed point was Jones. That’s what CIA didn’t know was the feed point.”

Why would Seth Rich be interrogated before killed? “They need to make sure he hasn’t contacted any addition people and check for a dead mans switch release.”–Upside Down

“Everyone is focusing on the emails to Wikileaks right now,” Webb adds, “but it was Seth’s phone call to Jones that killed him.” Jones is also deceased.

Wikileaks does not identify sources but offers a reward of $20,000 for information on Seth Rich’s murder, ostensibly on the basis of proving their commitment “if there is any question about a source of WikiLeaks being threatened.”

Wikileaks published an email of DNC’s John Podesta: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have a real basis for it.”

Seth Conrad Rich
January 3, 1989 – July 10, 2016

Condolences to Seth Rich’s loved ones, to all citizens nationwide, and to everyone in the world who loves democracy.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit, a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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