‘The Unseen side of Iraq’ by Rahme Al-Khafaji

When we think of Iraq we think of war, destruction,oppression, civil war and a desert wasteland of ruins. That is what the media wants show to us. but there is a side of Iraq they don’t show you, a beautiful side with wonderful scenery, elegant structures, amazing landscapes and historical monuments. Among the wonderful cities with extraordinary views are Babylon , kirkuk, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah, hatra , Karbala, Baghdad and Dur- kurigalzu. Iraq is a historical country that hold on to many ethnic groups. Such as Iraqi  (including Palestinians,Bedouins and other Arab  subgroups) and  Kurds (including Feylis). the first civilisation has developed in Mesopotamia ( modern day Iraq ) where the first rules and laws were put, which have greatly impacted the modern day world. Even though Iraq today is going through extremely hard time, the Iraqi army and forces are succeeding into  defeating the terrorist organisations and protecting the cities from upcoming danger. The predictions for a bright future for the nation of Iraq in the upcoming years are high as the new generation of Iraq are working and seeking to improve their great and historical country as it used to be before the invasion of the US and aiming to provide a safe and a extraordinary trip for tourism in Iraq in the near future to admire the history of Mesopotamia and the famous Tigris and Euphrates rivier.


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