White domestic terrorism strikes again by Patrick Vinson

Since the 2016 election which ended up in the hands of Donald J. Trump, we have seen a notable size increase in racially motivated hate crimes being committed. Most of which are being committed by far-right anti-government groups. Let’s just go over a few quick examples of the crimes committed within the last 5 months. We saw two Indians killed in Kansa by a white man who was screaming ‘Get out of my country!’ before he opened fire. We also saw a black male in NYC killed by a white male who travel to NYC to specifically ‘hunt black men’. Then more recently within the last 2 weeks, we saw a black male army student who was just promoted, get stabbed to death at the bus stop days before his graduation. This to was committed by a white male known to have ties to alt-right groups. Two days ago we saw 2 white men get killed on a train by a white man for standing up for the two Muslim girls that were being harrassed by him. I bet you’re thinking, ‘well, there couldn’t have been another since the Portland attack’. Well, I wish we could say that was true.



Saturday, May 27th at 8:15 p.m. officers of Clearlake, California were called to the Beachfront Apartments located on Lakeshore Drive. What were they called for, well 34-year-old Anthony Robert Hammond just committed a racially motivated hate crime on the grounds of the Beachfront Apartment complex. When the police first arrived on the scene there was a black male who had a severe injury to his shoulder. That is when the officers found out the weapon used was a machete. The victim told the officers that Hammond had been yelling racially motivated slurs at them before going back to his apartment and getting the machete. The victim’s name has yet to be released due to the severity of the case. Hammond barricaded himself in the nearby apartments and caused the Clearlake Police Department to evacuate the nearby areas. Hammond stayed barricaded in the complex for several hours while police went window by window. Hammond was eventually found in an apartment trying to hide in a fridge where a man was asleep on the couch. The police department then received a warrant so they could legally enter the house. Clearlake officers were able to safely get the man on the couch out of the apartment before Hammond turned himself in. The officers also noted seeing an open & empty safe for a handgun, which made them think that he was armed. They later said they didn’t find any weapon besides the machete used for the attack. Hammond was immediately put into custody & is being held for a $1 million bail.  He faces the following felony charges: aggravated mayhem, Battery with serious bodily injury, Assault with a deadly weapon, resisting executive officer, hate crime, two misdemeanor charges of battery on a person and finally resisting a peace officer. While officers were transporting Hammond to jail, he threatened to kill them & their families upon being released from jail. The police department is asking anyone with further information on the investigation to please call and request Officer Joseph Myers at 707-994-8251, Ext. 502.

This is another result of the rise in hate crimes & hate groups growing in the United States. If you would like to learn more about alt-right extremists, please check out the article linked below.


The Rise of the Alt-Right




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