GOP: The Party for Neanderthals by Patrick Vinson

The GOP should be called the Neanderthal Party. Why? Because conservatives don’t want anything to change. They wish they could have the right to own slaves, so the 13th was created. They fought against gay marriage yet claim want less government regulation. The GOP fights for “Blue lives matter” bills that make any crime towards officers a hate crime. Even if you are illegally raided and use a gun for self defense, we have seen multiple citizens lose these cases. They want to dismantle to EPA, so they put Rick Perry to destroy it. They want to cut education(which is recieving a 6-9% budget cut), so they put Betsy Devos in charge. Who may I remind you, has no experience in public schools and is very familiar with Charter Schools & Vouchers. We see Ben Carson who is head of Urban Development, cut low cost housing. Over and over again the GOP proves to be the terrorist party of the United states. The GOP is amd will forever be the Neanderthal Party.


Categories: Activism, Opinion

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