China Urges US to remove THAAD system from South Korea

Via The War Files –  Once again, China has urged the US to remove its THAAD anti-missile system from South Korea, amid reports that additional launchers were brought into the country secretly, and without President Moon Jae-in being informed. “We are gravely concerned by reports that four extra THAAD launchers were delivered to South Korea,” Chinese FM spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. “The deployment of THAAD by the US in the Republic of Korea jeopardizes China’s strategic security interests and disrupts regional strategic balance,” Hua said.
China has been adamant that THAAD is unnecessary for the protection of South Korea from the “nuclear threat by the North.” However, China believes it’s “highly likely that the West will use the anti-missile system’s powerful radar to monitor the PLA’s military activities.” South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, ordered a probe into the South’s Defense Ministry after it was revealed that it “intentionally dropped the introduction of four more (THAAD) launchers from its report.” The Presidential Blue House spokesman, Yoon Young-chan, called the THAAD delivery a “very shocking development.” During his campaign for office, Moon promised to delay the deployment of THAAD, and discuss the move with the South Korean parliament, arguing that the “anti-missile system could actually do more harm than good.” However, President Moon Jae-In told visiting US Senator Dick Durbin that the DM probe was a “purely a domestic measure, and was not about trying to change the existing decision or sending a message to the US.” Moon also sent his top security aide to Washington to reassure the US that THAAD won’t be scrapped. US officials earlier denied speculations that they had initiated the secret THAAD delivery. Pentagon spokesman, Major Jamie Davis, said the US military had “worked closely and been fully transparent with South Korea on the issue.”  


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