Over 100 Islamic State terrorists were reportedly eliminated as Iraqi security

Via The War Files –  This weekend, over 100 Islamic State terrorists were reportedly eliminated as Iraqi security forces recaptured another district in western Mosul. “The group lost 120 militants during battles on al-Sihha district in western Mosul over the past few days,” Brigadier General Sabah Noaman, spokesperson for the Counter-Terrorism Service, said. He added that CTS troops will soon link up with Federal Police Rapid Response troops and the army at the northern region to fully besiege the Old City. “The total area controlled by Daesh is less than three or four square kilometers,” Noaman said. He also said there’s no predictable end date for the siege, as terrorists continue to put up a stuff resistance. Yesterday, Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yarallah (head of Nineveh Operations Command) said the CTS liberated al-Sihha al-Oula district. As the district is fully liberated, Daesh now only controls two remaining districts of al-Shifaa, al-Zanjili and parts of the Old City. In western Nineveh, Iraqi troops began digging trenches that stretch along liberated regions. Iraqi forces have been sweeping through northwestern neighborhoods over the past few weeks, in search of a way to invade the strategic Old City, after finding it’s “extremely difficult to invade from the south.”


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