How Donald Trump and the Republicans want to destroy small businesses Written By: Jerred A Fournier

4272237049_d5f90b5bdc_zThe Republican President, Donald Trump and his party are planning on destroying small businesses.

How you might wonder. There are many answers to that question. One of which is their tax plan. It shifts the tax burden from large businesses to small business. Not to mention the owners of the businesses. This combined with taking away grants and other helpful funding. This prevents small businesses from even getting off the ground.

Just with their tax plan, they are effectively doing a reverse Robin Hood. They are stealing from the poor to feed the rich. This is nothing really new, just done on overdrive. This has been the Republican plan since Ronald Reagan. It has been called Trickle Down, or Voodoo, economics.

Now imagine for a second you succeed in getting a startup for your business of selling something. There is a real need for what you are selling, but you need to get the product out to the larger public. They need to see that your product exists and they need to be able to buy the items from you. Thanks to the internet, you can access the world market. While still making a product from your garage.

Enter the Trump administration. They think it is too much freedom and competition for the large corporations. So they want to cut the legs out from underneath you. As it stands right now if you or I created a website its data would be treated the same. Regardless of the service provider. For small businesses, this is a need to compete with places like Wal-Mart.

So they way things are work just fine. You and I have had equal access to the internet and compete freely in that open market of ideas. So we should keep it that way.

That is not what the Trump administration is wanting to do, as alluded to before. Right now they are crafting a plan that would allow Comcast or AT&T to charge you more so your website has a ‘fast lane’ to it. That only really translates into a slow lane for anyone who cannot afford it. Now all the power behind the information sharing will be funneled to websites. Yet only for international mega corporations.

If the Republican party gets their wishes, it will mean goodbye to our free competition in the market. Instead, you will only find that anyone who tries to access Mom and Pop businesses website timing out. Every time a customer’s computer times out, is dollars that would have helped their business. Money that would have helped the economy.

For those who do not know if a page takes longer than 30 seconds to load it is called timeout and will not load. Yet we all know that if it takes longer than 5 seconds people will click away.

Trump and the Republicans have sold you out. They want to do away with the dream that you will make your own successful business. Instead, they want you to pay for their holidays at giant golf courses.


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