Racism coming from Wakulla County Florida by Patrick Vinson

This morning June 9th 2017, I recieved a message with screenshots of messages someone recieved on Instagram. I will post the screenshots below for you to read. Reader beware, these messages contain racial slurs that may not be okay for children to be reading. 

Rhianna Harris is the culprit in the events that took place this morning.  She proudly supported her great grandparents being members of the KKK. Where then she went to go on to boast about how lucky blacks and minorities are that the KKK still isn’t as active as it was. But mentions the up-rising if the alt-right and other hate groups in the US showing up more and more hoping for genocide on minorities. These messages will not go away, nor shall they be forgotten. It is 2017 and we have bigger fish to fry than hating another person because the color if their skin. Below you can find contact information for the university in Florida. Below I will be linking other articles in our site in regards to rising racism in America.



Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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