Syrian Arab Army has been intensifying attacks on rebel held districts in the city of Deraa

ViaThe War Files –  The Syrian Arab Army has been intensifying attacks on rebel held districts in the city of Deraa. Syrian troops have been ferociously launching elephant rockets, improvised rocket assisted munitions, on rebel positions all morning. The Syrian military hasn’t commented on its build-up of troops in the region, or the escalating bombing. Reinforcements from the Syrian army’s allies, Hezbollah and Shi’ite Muslim militias, have rushed to the city to build up a large sized force. Troops travelled to the region using the Damascus-Deraa highway, a major supply route where well-fortified trenches on both sides of the road make it more difficult for rebels to launch any counter-offensive. Issam al Rayes, spokesman for the Southern Front grouping of the FSA said: “The regime has brought large columns of troops from the elite 4th Armoured Division, and also Hezbollah forces. Everything indicates the regime is preparing for a large-scale military campaign in Deraa in which they plan to encircle the city and reach the Jordanian border.” The troops being sent to the region are apart of the Syrian army’s elite division, which has the best training and equipment via the Russian Federation. If the Syrian army retakes the area, it would sever the rebel link between the eastern and western parts of the province they control, dealing a major blow to their forces in the south. The Syrian government’s strategic goal is to eventually open a direct route from Damascus to the Jordanian border.    


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