Ukrainian army’s death toll over the last three days is the highest since heavy fighting commenced in January

Via The War Files –  The Ukrainian army’s death toll over the last three days is the highest since heavy fighting commenced in January. Over the last three days, 14 servicemen have been killed with over a dozen injured. The Ukrainian military said heavy shelling of its positions began late on 9/June in the front-line areas northeast of the port city of Mariupol. Separatist forces were reported to be shelling Ukrainian positions near the towns of Lebedynske, Pavlopil, Shyrokyne, and Talakivka with high-caliber 120mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers, inflicting heavy damage on vehicles and defensive positions. Separatist BMP’s were reported to have attacked the town of Luhanske in the Svitlodarsk bulge, a Ukrainian-held salient near the occupied town of Debaltseve. Civilians in front-line cities are still falling victim to enemy artillery fire on top of fighting starvation and dehydration. On midnight of 10/June, the city of Maryinka just west of occupied Donetsk was shelled, and two civilians were killed. Two hours later, separatists unleashed 122mm artillery on Krasnohorivka, another heavily damaged Ukrainian-controlled city in the suburbs of Donetsk. No casualties were reported. Sporadic mortar and artillery fire continued along much of the frontlines, killing two more Ukrainian soldiers before sunset. Ukraine’s military press service also reported that the enemy fired multiple rocket propelled grenades near the village of Chemalyk north of Mariupol. There was intense combat near Krymske, an area which saw the Ukrainian army advance towards the enemy trenches at the village of Zhelobok, and then repel several counter attacks by separatists. Ukraine’s press center reported that separatists launched a large-scale artillery attack on 93rd brigade positions along the P-66 road south of Krymske. After an artillery barrage, separatists deployed a composite armored group of two MBT’s, six infantry fighting vehicles, and several cars.    


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