Daesh control only one district of Old City

Via The War Files –  Only one district outside of the Old City remains under Daesh control, approximately 3% of Mosul. The fighting has been focused in the neighborhood of Al-Shifa near the Tigris River, and next to it is the Old City, according to Maj. General Joseph Martin, the US commander of the Combined Land Forces Component Command for Operation Inherent Resolve. Iraqi Federal Police units have been fighting house-to-house, through booby-trapped streets and alleys, where thousands of civilians are forcefully locked inside to protect Daesh terrorists from air strikes. PM Haider Al Abadi said that only two miles of land is under IS control. However, the remaining neighborhoods are littered with booby-trapped vehicles and house fronts littered with IED’s. Gen. Martin declined to say how many terrorists may remain in the Old City, but their numbers and equipment have been dwindling. On Tuesday, the commander of the Iraqi Federal Police said his troops captured 300 square km (117 square miles) since the start of the western Mosul Liberation in January 2017. The operation has resulted in more than 1,000 dead Daesh terrorists and 865 SVBIED’s destroyed.


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