Left-wing activism group Momentum has organised ‘A day of rage’ in London on June 21

Via UBC News–  The left-wing activism group Momentum has organised ‘A day of rage’ in London on June 21. The group has claimed that it’s because of the Granfell Fire despite surviving residents being almost unanimously against it. ⠀
June 21 is the day of the queens speech which officially opens parliament. ⠀

There is serious concern that it will become a city-wide riot as Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has openly called for people to oust the government, this would be high treason and can still be punishable by death. ⠀

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has also called for people to occupy empty houses in London and people who work within the City of London and Westminster have been told to not come into work on Wednesday amid fear of attack. ⠀

Authors note: As Assistant Editor I urge you, if you are in London on June 21, avoid Westminster and the City of London at all costs. There is a serious possibility you may be attacked for dressing or looking affluent as protestors have called for a class war and attacks have happened this week at anti-government protests. I will always try and remain unbiased, however we do not want to risk any of our followers being in harms way. I, UBC Assistant Political Editor George Bayliss, has also been told not to go to parliament as i was supposed to have a meeting with an MP that day. 


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