US spy plane flying toward the Russian border “made a provocative turn” toward a Russian fighter jet

Via The War Files –  On Monday, a US spy plane flying toward the Russian border “made a provocative turn” toward a Russian fighter jet, which had been scrambled for an interception mission, according to the Russian DM. The US military claimed the Russian aircraft approached the US RC-135 spy plane, as close as 5 feet, in an unsafe way. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a Baltic Fleet Su-27 jet was scrambled to intercept what turned out to be a US RC-135 spy plane flying towards the Russian border. “While being escorted, the RC-135 attempted to move closer towards the Russian interceptor, making a provocative turn towards the Su-27,” Russian MoD officials said. The pilot of the Russian plane “reacted to the RC-135 maneuver and continued to escort the spy plane until it turned away from the Russian border.” The Su-27 was “flying at a high rate of speed and the pilot had poor control of the aircraft,” a spokesman for the US European Command, Naval Captain. Danny Hernandez, said. According to Hernandez, the RC-135 was on a routine mission over the Baltic Sea in international airspace. The Russian MoD argued that “all flights of Russian interceptors over international waters of the Baltic Sea are carried out strictly in accordance with international rules. Regarding the alleged ‘provocativeness’ of the flight, we’d like to stress that in just 10 minutes [after the incident] another RC-135 entered the same zone and it was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 as well,” a statement from the Russian MoD said. The ministry noted that during the past week, NATO reconnaissance planes carried out over a dozen flights over the Baltic Sea “for reconnaissance purposes in close proximity to the Russian border.”   


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