Supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula today in a show of force

​In response to North Korea’s testing of an ICBM on Friday, a pair of supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers (joined by Japanese and South Korean fighter jets) flew over the Korean Peninsula today in a show of force.


The US Pacific Air Forces said that the bilateral mission, lasting just under 10 hours, was in “direct response to Pyongyang’s latest missile test.” The US bombers took off from a USAF base in Guam, and were soon joined by the Japanese and South Korean Air Force. 

“North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability,” Pacific Air Forces Commander General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy said. “If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing.”  

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Social Capitalism by Anthony Bennett

It’s weird to think that thinking about relationships in terms of “what I offer and what I give” as something negative. Consider this:

Transactional and status based approaches to relationships are social capitalism. We’re branding and selling ourselves for attention and approval. Psychopaths and narcissists just see it for what it is and go all the way with it. Manipulative people are just predatory social capitalists in this regard. 

Changing the nature of our economics, that is changing the big picture of society, demands first changing our relationships, our immediate social surroundings–the little picture of society. In a certain sense this can actually be quite a hopeful outlook (see? I’m selling my ideas here). Why? There’s somewhere for efforts and energy to go in making change. We have a little picture to start with.

US warship fired five warning shots at Iranian patrol boats in the Persian Gulf

For the second time in a week, a US warship fired five warning shots at Iranian patrol boats in the Persian Gulf, in what Tehran calls another “provocative and unprofessional move.” A similar incident involving the two parties took place in the region last Tuesday. 

The US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and another warship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels in the middle of the Persian Gulf yesterday, according to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). “With only a few days since a provocative move in the northern end of the Persian Gulf in which the US Navy ships fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel, the American warships have once again taken the same action in the middle of the Persian Gulf,” the IRGC said in a statement. 

The US Naval ships were intercepted by IRGC missile boats near the Resalat gas-oil field, when they approached the Iranians and dispatched a helicopter, according to the statement. US warships then opened fire, after the Iranians failed to stop after multiple warnings, in what the IRGC described as “a provocative and unprofessional move.” 

The Americans left the area afterwards, the IRGC added, while the Iranians went on with their patrol. “The US warships in a provocative and unprofessional move began firing warning shots at the Iranian vessels, to which the IRGC Navy’s ships paid no attention and continued with their mission.”  

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Russia orders the United States to cut its number of diplomats within Russia

Today, Russia ordered the US to reduce the number of American diplomats in Russia, in retaliation for the new round of sanctions, and also said it was seizing two US diplomatic properties. Moscow’s decision was announced by the Foreign Ministry, one day after the US Senate overwhelmingly approved new sanctions placed on Russia.

The bill has been handed to US President Trump for final approval. The new sanctions were partly in response to findings that: “Russia did meddle in the election, and to further punish them for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.” The Russian FM also complained of a growing anti-Russian sentiment in America, and accused “well-known circles of seeking open confrontation”. Russian President Putin warned on Thursday that Russia would have to retaliate against this “boorish US behavior.”

A top White House aide said that Trump may veto the legislation, “in order to push for a tougher deal.” But the bill is expected to garner enough support in both chambers to override a veto. The Russian FM said the US had until 1/September to reduce their diplomatic staff in Russia to 455 people, the number of Russian diplomats left in America after Washington expelled 35 of them in December 2016.


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The Pro-LIfe Push Comes to Louisville


In the latest stint by right wing Christian conservative women haters, a Christian fundamentalist group is yet again pushing a theocratic agenda, this time on the citizens of Kentucky.

The EMW Women’s Surgical Center of Louisville is at risk of having its license revoked by the openly homophobic governor Matt Bevin. In Kentucky, abortion clinics are required to be licensed by the state and maintain a partnership with a local hospital. However, in a nation that is growing more and more polarized on the issue of equal rights for all, Kentucky is slated to become the first state to have zero abortion clinics.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Christian fundamentalists are swooping down on the clinic to offensively protest the doctors who perform these procedures and the women who make their legal choice to undergo an abortion. These protestors, who live under the banner of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” have even gone as far as to show up to the doctors’ homes and protest, which is a severe invasion of privacy.

The thing about these so called “pro-lifers” is that they do not truly believe in life. Rather, they want the protection of something without a conscious that in most cases of women seeking abortions poses a threat to the life of the women. Then, once the pregnancy has come to term, these “pro-lifers” turn a blind eye to the child that they campaigned to exist, shunning the idea of universal healthcare for the child, food stamps that give the fulfill all of the child’s needs, and low-income housing to put a roof over the child’s head, to name a few. And heaven forbid that the child is born in the United States to a family of undocumented immigrants because then, they would argue, the child would be practically an illegitimate citizen and deserves to be deported.

The audacity of these hypocritical, ignorant bigots is beyond me. Like, how privileged do you really have to be to require someone else to do something that will in no way, shape, or form, affect you?

Now, I am not arguing for the increase in abortions. People need to learn to be responsible with their bodies (this education would likely be universal if it weren’t for the pro lifers who also argue that sex should not be taught in school, but should rather be abstinence only education). However, in most cases, a woman seeking an abortion is either financially unable to support a child, or the child poses a threat to the life and/or health of the woman. No one wants abortions to happen. But in the cases where they are required, can we all please agree to come together to support the women in a decision that likely will be one of the hardest in their lifetimes?

Ameya Pawar comes to Naperville by Jacob Sutherland


Last Monday, July 24th, governor hopeful Ameya Pawar continued on his One Illinois Tour with a town hall in Naperville. His tour has included stops in Harvard, Rockford, Jacksonville, and Macomb, to name a few.

Pawar campaigns on the idea that “you need to elect people who believe in government.” Pawar noted how the object of many candidates, including sitting governor Bruce Rauner, is to divide the citizens of Chicagoland from the citizens of Southern Illinois to polarize urban from rural. While this divide has previously worked to win elections and maintain a corporate presence in the Illinois government, it has done little to nothing to actually create progress for the Illinoisan people.

Pawar is hosting conversations in towns often overlooked by both Democratic and Republican candidates in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of everyone. Pawar is paying special attention to the needs of rural Republican voters who often do not get a voice in the gubernatorial elections.

Pawar has been criticized by Democrats and Progressives alike for the joining in on the race. Democrats do not want a grassroots candidate to succeed, and Progressives believe that there is “only room for one progressive in (the) race.” Fellow Progressive gubernatorial candidate and friend, Daniel Biss, told Pawar to immediately drop out. To that, Pawar countered that there should be as many progressives in the race as possible, to allow for their viewpoints to become more mainstream.

Some of Pawar’s key issues include a universal childcare for families making $75,000 or less, a decrease in the “demonization” of teachers and their unions, and a push for incremental tax increases rather than sudden, abrupt ones.


US House passes bill imposing new sancations against Russia


The US House of Representatives passed a bill today that imposes new sanctions against Russia, and also require US President Trump to get permission from Congress before lifting or easing any existing sanctions. The bill also included economic penalties against Iran and North Korea. Lawmakers are seeking to punish Russia over a host of issues including its alleged “meddling in the 2016 presidential election,” its support to the Syrian government, alleged support to the rebels in Ukraine, and Crimea’s accession to Russia.

The sanctions target Russia’s energy sector, individuals accused of cyberattacks by US intelligence agencies, companies supplying weapons to the Syrian army, and other entities. If he wanted to reverse any or all of the sanctions, Trump/Administration would have to provide evidence and justify their decision. Despite expressing doubts about any Russian interference in the election, President Trump intends to sign the legislation, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

“If Trump signs the sanctions bill, he will not calm down his enemies – they desire his impeachment. But he will inflict double damage – to relations with Russia and the European Union at the same time,” Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov said.

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