Train carrying crude oil derails in Plainfield, Illinois

A train carrying crude oil through Plainfield, Illinois has derailed. The local police confirmed the derailment but stated it was to early for any other details. The train was carrying eighteen Canadian National cars. They have shut down Route 126 & Naperville/Plainfield road.

Local officals have set up a detour around the area, but have now faced another issue. A semi-truck going through and knocked down powerlines, and now there are sparks flying around.

More to come..

Update 11:24 AM Saturday:

EPA representative  Mike Beslow  estimated that nearly one and a half train cars spilled. Kvedaras said that each car can carry 30,000 gallons of crude oil.

Puncture wounds were found in 2 cars of the 115-car train carrying ExxonMobil oil headed from Canada to Louisiana, which left both, Route 30 and Riverwalk Court in Plainfield closed on Saturday morning. River Court is the only street open near the site. A third derailed car was still buried and it was suspected to be leaking from a puncture wound.

More to come..


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