Congress against trial for Temer

e752b2_8526414cd9e64570a651e527b96ff04d~mv2.jpgA Brazilian congressional committee voted against putting Brazilian President Michel Temer on trial for corruption charges on Wednesday.

The vote does decrease the chances that Temer will be put on trial, however, it is non-binding and needs approval from the full parliament.

Mr Temer was charged last month with plotting to receive bribes from the boss of a meat-packaging company JBS SA in exchange for favorable decisions from the Brazilian government.

General prosecutor Rodrigo Janot stated that Temer was planning to receive around $11.8 million USD from the company over the course of several months.

Temer denies these accusations.

For Temer to stand trial, two-thirds of the 513 deputies in the lower house would need to approve the charges against him.

The government believes that they have enough votes to block a trial from happening.

Image of Temer from Reuters

Published by: The New Union

Written by: Dante Lugo



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