Breaking: Palestinian killed during arrest

2aded4_52a04b936bc24333821b6926ad657949~mv2_d_4256_2832_s_4_2An ethnic Palestinian gunmen was killed after he attempted to open fire on Israeli soldiers on their way to arrest him, said the Israeli Defense Force early on Sunday. 

Two Israeli police officers killed on Friday

Police identified the suspect as Amar Ahmad Halil from Nabi Saleh.

The IDF said the suspect was behind a drive-by shooting that left a Palestinian driver slightly injured and was responsible for a gun attack on an army post, both on Saturday.

In the overnight raid, IDF soldiers “operated in Nabi Saleh in order to apprehend the assailant responsible for opening fire in both Ateret and Nabi Saleh in two separate occasions on Saturday.”

“The forces encountered the suspect, who attempted to open fire at them . In response to the immediate threat forces fired towards the attacker resulting in his death.”

The army’s statement comes just two days after Israeli Arabs shot and killed two police officers near the sensitive holy site of Al Aqsa Mosque, or to others, the Temple Mount. 

Image of IDF soldiers training for urban warfare from IDF blog. 


More details to follow. 


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