On the Meme of Bashing the Left by Anthony Bennett


There’s a duality to criticism of the left deserving of attention. I hear many of us hear, about how we have the best of intentions, about the uncomfortable reality that good people with good intentions can cause so much destruction and suffering. Let’s look at our past. At least here in the States, the left has obviously done something wrong.

Government suppression can only explain so much. I think this criticism that was going about good ideas the wrong way is basically true. But life is very peculiar at times and this criticism, “good intentions bad methods” basically applies to the very people making those criticisms of us and the criticisms of us. We don’t hear right wingers giving honest advice about how to make the left great again. We don’t hear insights into the workings of the American economy that we could apply. We don’t see righties taking social justice into their own hands, despite admitting on some level that the cause is just. Every time we hear this story of the left dropping the ball from a genuine high ground, we hear an admonishment of the very concept of the left. We don’t hear a criticism of our methods, we hear a condemnation of ourselves.

This language does not encourage us to reflect. These tones do not empower us on a new track that would lead to real change. We just get beaten down and bullied again and again like we have since the dawn of the American labor movement. This despair and despondency projected on to us hardens our egos and leads us to tune the right out. The cause becomes all the more righteous. Whatever the intentions of right wingers who criticize the left, their methods just aren’t effective. That is the duality; thank you all for reading.


Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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