Self-revolution by Anthony Bennett

within-self-mindfulness-meditation-occupy-your-mind-revolution-e1408130124517.jpgWe need a new and revolutionary vision for society on the Left. The establishment center is losing legitimacy, opening the floodgates of new ideas from left and right. The right, with both the intensity and short-sightedness of the Id, is trying to revive old ideas and take us to the past. We are the side of revolution and change, which we must apply to ourselves. We need new and coherent vision worthy of a faction ready to govern a modern 21st-century nation-state. Slogans like “power to the people” and “freedom to choose” and “rights of self-determination” are just that, slogans.

Our vision cannot be a hollow relic of state socialism or Keynesian Social Democracy. We are lucky, in some respects, that Trump won because we have about 3 years to complete this self-transformation and imagine our vision of a new, free, and just society. We do not yet have the burden of governing. What comes after the revolution? What happens the day after we wake up in victory? We cannot simply bet on society spontaneously reorganizing itself the way we hope it will.

We must write the blueprint of the new society and be in a position to lead society to this new vision. If we fail, fascism, real fascism with brownshirts and secret police will arise out of the chaos of a failed revolution. But if we can bring the vision to life, if we can become worthy not just morally but practically of governance, if we can win the respect of the grand majority of the population, then at the time of the next crisis, we will finally get our chance to truly make America great for the 1st time, for the many not the few.


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