Two Skeletons we Hide by Anthony Bennett

There’s something peculiar about this place, America. There’s a cognitive dissonance that appears when we talk about our roots. We want the past to be triumphant, and though we may admit it’s a flawed past, we’d really rather not talk about it. Within the closet of this country lay a great many skeletons. Those skeletons number in the 8 digits and belong to the native Americans who inhabited this land before the colonists ever set foot in the New World.

Those skeletons number in the 9 digits when we add in all the slaves who worked without pay and were denied all the low hanging fruit of early America. Their families were not allowed to start accumulating wealth at all until 1865 when they faced 100 years of discrimination and harassment. These skeletons have an economic component to them and that is something we really don’t want to talk about. I think part of the trouble here is the question of “well, what to do we do?

All I ever hear is a screaming leftist in my face demanding reparations.” That conversation will come but I think we should take a lesson out of Alcoholics Anonymous by admitting we have a problem and talking about it while submitting to a higher power of justice. Rest assured we’ll get there after first we must become comfortable and educated about our history.

Ps: There’s an old saying in Alcoholic Anonymous, “You spot it, you got it.” I’ve noticed that those who most vehemently oppose the “screaming leftist” trope seem to be violently holding back their own “screaming leftist”. This is embarrassing and cringeworthy to come to terms with. Until it’s not.

Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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