The Pro-LIfe Push Comes to Louisville


In the latest stint by right wing Christian conservative women haters, a Christian fundamentalist group is yet again pushing a theocratic agenda, this time on the citizens of Kentucky.

The EMW Women’s Surgical Center of Louisville is at risk of having its license revoked by the openly homophobic governor Matt Bevin. In Kentucky, abortion clinics are required to be licensed by the state and maintain a partnership with a local hospital. However, in a nation that is growing more and more polarized on the issue of equal rights for all, Kentucky is slated to become the first state to have zero abortion clinics.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Christian fundamentalists are swooping down on the clinic to offensively protest the doctors who perform these procedures and the women who make their legal choice to undergo an abortion. These protestors, who live under the banner of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” have even gone as far as to show up to the doctors’ homes and protest, which is a severe invasion of privacy.

The thing about these so called “pro-lifers” is that they do not truly believe in life. Rather, they want the protection of something without a conscious that in most cases of women seeking abortions poses a threat to the life of the women. Then, once the pregnancy has come to term, these “pro-lifers” turn a blind eye to the child that they campaigned to exist, shunning the idea of universal healthcare for the child, food stamps that give the fulfill all of the child’s needs, and low-income housing to put a roof over the child’s head, to name a few. And heaven forbid that the child is born in the United States to a family of undocumented immigrants because then, they would argue, the child would be practically an illegitimate citizen and deserves to be deported.

The audacity of these hypocritical, ignorant bigots is beyond me. Like, how privileged do you really have to be to require someone else to do something that will in no way, shape, or form, affect you?

Now, I am not arguing for the increase in abortions. People need to learn to be responsible with their bodies (this education would likely be universal if it weren’t for the pro lifers who also argue that sex should not be taught in school, but should rather be abstinence only education). However, in most cases, a woman seeking an abortion is either financially unable to support a child, or the child poses a threat to the life and/or health of the woman. No one wants abortions to happen. But in the cases where they are required, can we all please agree to come together to support the women in a decision that likely will be one of the hardest in their lifetimes?

Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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