Military Conflict

Syrian rebels destroy an abandoned Russian Mi-8 helicopter 5 (Video)

Syrian rebels destroying an abandoned Russian Mi-8 helicopter. The pilots and crew were forced to land after sustaining too much damage via anti-aircraft fire. 

Two Mi-24P choppers, and three teams of SAA Special Forces (105th Mechanized Brigade) went to recover the chopper’s 15 man crew before the terrorists could. When the Mi-24P started hitting enemy positions, the downed crew knew they went deep into enemy territory, so they took up defensive positions, waiting for the recovery teams to reach them. 

Terrorists used an AA gun in attempt to stop the recovery teams from advancing, but the Mi-24P in the air and Syrian Army artillery fire took care of the problem. The first Syrian special forces team to arrive at the crew’s location didn’t engage the terrorists until they reached the crew. 

The other two teams arrived and before evacuating, orders came to destroy the downed chopper so it wouldn’t be left behind with any equipment intact. After making it to a safe distance, to their surprise, terrorists launched a US-made TOW missile at the chopper, completely destroying it. Only one Russian servicemen died that day.    

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