Anti-government bomb plot foiled by FBI sting

​Jerry Varnell, 23, of Sayre, Oklahoma, haqs been arrested by the FBI on charges that he attempted to use a 1,000 pound car bomb to blow up a bank in Oklahoma in the name of “the revolution” against the government. However, the assembly of the “bomb” was part of an FBI sting operation, where they sent him inert materials that posed no threat to the public. FBI assistant special agent Raul Bujanda said the FBI was “controlling the situation from beginning to end.” He was immediately arrested after he made a phone call to detonate what he thought were explosives. Authorities were tipped off when someone sent them screenshots of messages they had with Varnell, one of which read “I think I’m going to go with what the okc bomber used.”

The criminal complaint filed by the Western District of Oklahoma said he “initially wanted to blow up the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C., with a device similar to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing because he was upset with the government.”

In a message that was meant to be posted on Facebook after the bombing, Varnell wrote “Retaliation against the freedoms that have been taken away from the American people. It was a wake up call to both the government and the people. An act done to show the government what the people thinks of its actions. It is also a call to arms, to show people that there are still fighters among the American people. The time for revolution is now.” He wanted to make sure his message was put out and not claimed by the IslamicState. According to the FBI, Varnell told undercover authorities that he believed in the “Three percenter ideology” of anti-government activism. His Facebook, although mostly private, showed he like the Anonymous and militia pages. He is facing up to a 20 year sentence.  

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