Iranian court demands US pay $245 million to victims of Hussein’s chemical attacks

​Today, an Iranian court issued a ruling; demanding that the US pay $245 million to 18 victims of chemical attacks carried out by Saddam Hussein’s forces during the Iran-Iraqi war of 1980-88. 

“A number of people who have been harmed during the chemical bombing have filed lawsuits and a court has issued decrees for 18 of them who have been harmed or died and estimated their [compensation],” Iran’s judiciary spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Eje’I, said. Thousands of Iranian civilians were killed during the war. During the conflict, Iraqi forces used chemical weapons against the Iranian population. 

Iran justified the ruling because “America supported Hussein during the war, providing him with funding, intelligence and technology.” In addition, UN experts determined that materials the US supplied to Iraq were found in the remains of the chemical weapons used against Iran. 

The Iranian court’s ruling comes at a time of heightened tensions between America and Iran.  

Published by The War Files


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