13,000 said to be rescued so far from Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas

Video from ABC News

Federal and local agencies say that they have rescued more than 13,000 people from Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the surrounding areas . Houston’s mayor has issued a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew each night for the flooded city until further notice due to looting of abandoned homes.

The National Weather Service: Cedar Bayou, Texas, records 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey; new continental U.S. record. The storm is expected to bring more rain in the days ahead. The Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner confirmed the death of a police officer Sunday when he was trapped in his flooded patrol car.

Update 10:10 PM CT

The death toll from hurricane Harvey has risen to at least 18 as Harris County, Texas, forensic office reports three more fatalities from the storm. Search & rescue teams continue to work hard to get people to safety.

Update Wednesday 4:12 AM CT

Tropical Storm Harvey is now making landfall again, in south-western Louisiana, after causing chaos in Texas. With more rain and storms to come within the coming days. Within 24 hour half of Texas became refugees. With the waters still rising in parts.

Update Wednesday 8:00 AM CT

The largest oil refinery on US soil, Motiva plant located on Texas-Louisiana border, has been forced to close due to Harvey flooding. Early this morning, Motiva said it started closing its Port Arthur refinery in response to increasing local flood conditions. The plant won’t open until flood waters recede. Motiva said it had ‘been steadily reducing production at the plant for days’. Late Tuesday it was running at only 40% capacity.

Update Wednesday 1:00 PM CT

Officers in Texas said that they have found a submerged van in which a Houston family of six was swept away, the Sheriff says two adult bodies are visible. So far the National Guard has rescued 4,200 people with more to come.

Update Thursday 12:00 PM

Hurricane Harvey-related death toll rises to 39

Update Thursday 2:50 PM

The White House says President Trump plans to pledge $1 million in personal funds to Harvey relief efforts.

More to come…


Written by: Patrick Vinson

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Patrick Vinson

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