Month: September 2017

False alarm at US Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs was placed on lockdown late on Friday after reports emerged of an active shooting situation. The school initially tweeted about reports of an active shooter at 11:23 am local time, saying “security forces are sweeping the area.” A spokesperson with the […]

Rocket strikes after US official lands

One or several rockets struck near the Kabul International Airport soon after United States Secretary of Defence James Mattis touched down in Afghanistan Wednesday morning during his South Asia tour.  General Mattis was not harmed and has started meetings with Afghan officials including President Ashraf Ghani. “A rocket landed near […]

N Korea blames Trump for

North Korea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong Ho spoke at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, criticizing the United States president and warning of missile strikes on the US mainland.  Kim Jung-Un addresses Trump Mr Ri called US President Donald Trump “a mentally deranged person full […]

Israel strikes Hezbollah arms cache

Israel struck a Hezbollah weapons cache near the Damascus International Airport in the capital of Syria early on Friday local time, according to local reports. The two rockets slammed down near the airport, and were likely fired from Israeli warplanes outside of Syrian territory. Israel, as per usual, […]