Hurricane Irma upgraded to category 5

Hurricane Irma strengthened into a Category 5 storm this Tuesday morning. It has begun producing winds of 175 mph or more. The residents of Florida are already preparing for the hurricane expected to make landfall this coming weekend.

The updated path of Hurricane Irma shows it heading more directly at Florida, rather than its east coast. The Governor of Florida, Republican Rick Scott, has already declared a state of emergency for over 50 counties. Scott also tweeted out on Monday that he’s already been in contact with President Donald Trump. Claiming Trump offered; ‘the full resources of the federal government.

Florida has a lot of limestone roads, which water doesn’t easily absorb through. Meaning if they get rain like Texas did, it may take a little longer for the water to go away and see more flooding.

The center of hurricane Irma was about 410 miles east of the Leeward Islands, which also includes the US territory Puerto Rico, as of late Monday night and was expected to pass over them Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Hurricane Irma is moving west at about 14 mph.

Hurricane Irma Public Advisory via National Hurricane Center:

More to come…

Hurricane Irma tracking:

Article written by: Patrick Vinson

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Patrick Vinson

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