Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake announce their opposition to White House decision to end DACA

Earlier today Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the White House will be cutting back its protections on DACA. This would, in the end, effect the estimated number of 800,000 people living within America. These people have been protected by a 2012 program to protect children born here from parents who entered illegally or children under the age of 16 brought to the US illegally to become citizens.

This afternoon two Republican Senators announced their opposition to the White Houses decision to attack the program. Jeff Flake & John McCain both took to twitter to let their followers know they oppose the new decision to attack DACA members, who have no criminal background.

Jeff Flake sent out a series of 5 tweets expressing his frustration of the announcement.

Jeff Flake goes and calls for a permanent solution for immigration and those brought here as children who had no choice in where they went. Saying they should be able to finish their education and contribute to society.

Followed by John McCain, also taking to Twitter.

John McCain goes on to call for bipartisan immigration reform. He went on to also acknowledge that kids brought here shouldn’t be punished for something out of their control.

For more on this situation click the link below:

Written by: Patrick Vinson

Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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