Police officer stabbed in Fresno, California

Yesterday Travis Finley stabbed an officer in Fresno, California. The officer wasn’t injured and was only stabbed in his protective vests. The police refused to shoot him, even armed with 2 knives.

Police say Finley has mental health issues and received a call after he’d been traveling with his mother in a car. When he left the vehicle, he ran up to a person on a bicycle and pushed them off. He then proceeded to run up to the Pink Pantherz Espresso stand, at Shaw and Brawley avenues, and proceeded to stab at the window with a large Bowie knife.

When police arrived at the scene they said that, they ordered the suspect to drop the knife and the suspect complied. However, little did the officers know, the suspect pulled out a smaller knife which he used to stab one of the officers in the chest. The officer involved was wearing a protective vest, according to police, and was not injured.

More to follow…

Picture via Facebook

Written by: Patrick Vinson

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