Two arrested in Paris with bomb materials

Two men were arrested with bomb making materials today, and reportedly planned to carry out bombings in Paris, where they were detained by French counter-terrorism officers. “They had agreed to commit an attack on the [French] territory to take revenge on the coalition but they had not worked out any specific plan to date,” public prosecutor Francois Mollins said.

He added that one of the suspects “considered attacking soldiers who were deployed to locations deemed vulnerable for the terrorist attacks.” The plot was uncovered as part of Operation Sentinel; launched following the November 2015 Paris attacks and is part of the ongoing state of emergency. They apparently wanted to join the Islamic State and leave for Syria or Iraq in 2015 but they couldn’t because of the “lack contacts and financial means.”

The two suspects planned to make some 10 kilos of TATP (triacetone triperoxide), an explosive compound that can be made using readily-available ingredients you could find in your own home. Only one of the suspects was named; Frederique L, 37.

Written by The War Files


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