Demonstrators organize to celebrate a meme

In such a polarizing political climate, we don’t often have that many opportunities to go out of our way to take a break from serious discussions and find a way to enjoy ourselves. This will not be the case on September 11th in Chicago, however.

Carlos Smith, along with Nereo Rodriguez, David De El Rancho, Jonathan Carvajal, and Victor Smith, organized “Yelling ME HOY MINOY Like Doodlebob @ The Bean.” The phrase “me hoy minoy” is a reference to the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.

“I wanted to do something where…people would get the chance to meet others with something in common,” Smith said over the phone. “I didn’t know what (to do), and the thing that I thought wouldn’t work blew up.”

This is the first time Smith has organized a demonstration. With an estimated 2,000 people are slated to attend the demonstration, Smith’s work is a success.

The phrase “me hoy minoy” is from the episode “Frankendoodle,” when it aired on January 21st, 2002

Smith chose to celebrate this phrase over other popular memes because of his love of Spongebob, as well as his desire to not repeat similar events in the past, such as “Everyone Point Their Fans At The Hurricane To Blow It Away,” which occurred earlier this week along the East Coast.

Smith made it clear that this would not be possible without the support of everyone attending. He plans of expressing is gratitude at the beginning of the event, as “this wouldn’t be possible without everyone who showed up.”

Demonstrations like these hold an importance in such a polarizing era. When people have the ability to laugh about something they mutually enjoy, they are inadvertently paving the way for more open, honest, and respectful conversation on varying issues.

There is a need for an increase in fun demonstrations that unify people from all walks of life. When asked if he had future plans for another demonstration, Smith replied: “yeah, I would like to do something similar to this again, although I’m not sure what.”

Written by Jacob Sutherland

Published on Berning Media Network


Categories: Activism, Exclusive

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