Student allegedly raped at US high school

A young male student was allegedly raped after classes on Monday at a Michigan high school in the United States, The Anon Journal has learned. 

Rape trigger warning

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Multiple independent sources, who will not be identified due to confidentiality reasons, told the Journal that a freshman who had recently made the American football team at Fordson High School in Dearborn was assaulted by three older players after school.

Sources said two of the players pinned the student down, while a third, Ali Homayed, forcefully shoved his penis in the victim’s mouth, and thrashed his genitals on his face.

The freshman, who the Journal will not name due to being a minor, and his parents, filed a police report the following day, but there has been no further known development in that action.

Fordson High School has refused to take disciplinary actions of any kind but suspended Homayed, calling it an act of “hazing”, according to sources.

The high school posted a public statement on its website saying it was aware of a “hazing incident” in an attempt to “share factual information” on a story circulating in the school’s community.

The school does not acknowledge any allegations of sexual assault on a boy by male classmates, but acknowledged the severity of the incident and explained that “appropriate disciplinary measures” were taken.

The superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools also posted a statement on the incident, saying social media has created “rumors that are inaccurate.”

Dr Glen Maleyko, however, did make clear that the incident was not rape but would not go further in what the exact circumstances were.

Mr Maleyko said that confidentiality and student privacy law prevented him from disclosing further details on the incident.

The statement said that “all responsible are being dealt with appropriately and we have been in contact with the Dearborn Police to determine if any further legal action will be taken.”

A student involved with organizing a silent protest during the Fordson pep rally on Friday in support of the rape victim told the Journal that flyers would be distributed criticizing the incident and the school’s alleged subsequent inaction.

Those involved in the protest believe that the victim was raped and want to bring attention to what they believe is dishonesty from Fordson High School.

More details to follow. 



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