Daesh “Capital” in Raqqa falls to US-backed Syrian forces

On Tuesday Oct 17, 2017 the Syrian Democratic Forces taken back the Daesh capital of Raqqa after a 5 month assault.

Operations are now underway to fully remove and clean out remaining Daesh cells and to remove any mines in the city.

The SDF stormed the last 2 major locations in their push to remove IS forces, the National hospital and the municipal stadium. It was reported that 22 were killed at the hospital while dozens made their last stand at the stadium.

Around 15,000 SDF soldiers supported by US drone strikes and US special forces began their efforts to re-capture Raqqa in November of 2016.

Raqqa was taken over by Daesh in 2014, they ruled the city with an iron fist beheading and torturing those who opposed their rule.

“Everything is fine in Raqqa, our forces have taken full control of Raqqa.” said Talal Sello, a spokesman for the SDF.

All major military operations have finished in Raqqa and efforts are now focused on cleaning up and eliminating sleeper cells and any remaining cells in the city.



Published by

Gavin Moore

Writer for The Anon Journal

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