25k Protesters in Paris get together voicing against controversial labor reform

Over 25,000 people reportedly got together in Paris on Thursday, in order to protest a controversial labor reform spearheaded by French President Macron. The overhaul of the employment policy sparked violent protests and nationwide strikes, which resulted in tens of thousands of people taking to the streets all over France.

The law, adopted in August, gives more negotiating power to corporations, and cuts some of the workers’ retirement benefits. Workers can also be dismissed/fired more easily, without fear of reprisal by labor tribunals, and also eliminate early retirement guarantees.

The five reforms included in the law are “aimed to dismantle collective bargaining” and hand over labor negotiating power to corporations. The law was quickly passed by both French legislative houses. Macron responded to the protests by saying, “Democracy does not happen in the streets.”

Article published by The War Files

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Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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