Official defends Trump’s comments to war widow

United States General John Kelly stood up to condemn a Congresswomen’s accusations that President Donald Trump made a soldier’s widow cry at Thursday’s White House press briefing.

US Congresswoman Frederica Wilson claimed earlier this week that Mr Trump told the bereaved wife of Sgt. La. David Johnson that “he knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.”

Mr Kelly, who is Trump’s chief-of-staff, explained to reporters that he was “broken-hearted” by Wilson listening in on the conversation between Trump and the Gold Star widow he said should have been private.

The general said that sharing news of a casualty to family was a last vestige of respect, saying he was “stunned” the Democrat had inappropriately listened in.

Kelly also pointed out that he did not receive a call from former President Barack Obama when his son had died in Afghanistan in 2010. He said it wasn’t a criticism, but just a fact that president’s do not call all relations of those killed in the line of duty.

Sgt Johnson was one of four soldiers killed in Niger by Islamic militants earlier in October.

In response to reporters asking what the soldiers were doing, and without air support, Kelly said that an investigation by the military’s AFRICOM was underway.

The general started off by explaining the procedure of what happens when a US soldier is killed in combat. He got anecdotal in his explanation of  how society has changed in regards to respect to women, among other things.

More details to follow. Image 1 a screenshot from The White House YouTube Live. 

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