Suicide bomber targets Kabul mosque

Suicide bombers struck dual mosques in Afghanistan during Friday prayers killing a total of at least 60 individuals.

A Shia mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul and a Sunni counterpart in the west of Ghor province.

A man entered a Shia Muslim Mosque in Kabul, opened fire and detonated an explosive device killing at least 39 worshipers. People had been in prayer at the time of an explosion said an eyewitness

A second attack in the province of Ghor killed 20 people including a pro-government militia commander.

Daesh (IS) has targeted mosque’s in the past within the capital city and across Afghanistan. Over 20 were killed after the militants carried out a bombing attack in Kabul during August.

So-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The Taliban has also been active in terror attacks, and have claimed many lives recently in suicide bombing runs, including killing 31 in July.

Afghanistan’s president issued a statement condemning both attacks, and that security forces would “eliminate the terrorists who target Afghans of all religions and tribes.”

More details to follow. Image 1 from We For News Twitter.

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Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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