Spain to impose direct rule

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he has approved stripping Catalonia of its autonomous power.

The government held a special cabinet meeting to approve Article 155 and impose direct rule on Catalonia.

Mr Rajoy said regional elections will be held within six months in the separatist Catalan province and wishes to remove the current leadership.

The plan still needs to be approved by the upper house: the Senate.

It comes after a deadline earlier this week that gave Catalan President Carles Puigdemont a chance to declare a regional election or vie for independence.

Mr Puigdemont ended up doing niether, instead asking for negotiations as he had been requesting for nearly a week.

On Oct 1, an independence referendum was held that produced a pro-separatist result despite national police violence on the day of.

Puigdemont said on Oct 10 the results gave him a mandate for independence and a declaration was signed by the Catalan leadership.

However, the declaration was put on hold as Puigdemont called for dialogue with Madrid to enter into a process for separating.

The Spanish central government has ignored the request for talks, considering the referendum and independence movement illegal.

More details to follow.Image 1 of rallies in Catalonia from Berning Media Network.


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