Who is paying for that wall y’all? 


In 2015 the initial proposal of the “big, beautiful, see-through and inexpensive wall that would be paid for by Mexico” created a barrier of its own between those in favor and those opposed. In July of 2017 after two years of heated debate 45 proposed a bill allowing $1.6B to complete a Tactical Infrastructure designed to protect 1,000 of our 2,000-mile border. It was passed by the house 235-192. Then later in October to the surprise of many, another bill was approved by the House Homeland Security Committee for $10B American tax dollars to construct the wall. We cannot let this bill pass on the floor.

Will this budget continue to grow out of control? A MIT Tech specialists review of the budget states it impossible at  50′ tall – 10′ underground – 1000 miles long the budget would look more like: $9B for concrete – $4.5B for steel – $15B in labor For a grand total of $28B. What some may forget is there is already a 700-mile long fence along the border that has already cost us $2.3B in taxes. The fence was set in place in 2007 by George W. Bush, complete with barbed wire and infrared cameras. The kicker is the feds still owe former landowners for the original buyouts ten years ago. The U.S. also already spends more on Mexico’s border security team than any other federal agency in the states.

Given the current state of affairs in our great nation is it really ethical to support this budget? In 2017 a mere $69B was put into the education system, while almost $700B went to military funding. As a country who spends almost 100 times more on the military than education, priority matters need to be assessed and addressed first. The hundreds of thousands left homeless from the recent disasters reaching coast to coast and beyond still need basic things like water and shelter. Ask yourself if passing this bill is humane, we need bridges, not walls. Bridges for the gaps in wealth & social inequality and most importantly for the gaps in education.


Featured photo: Donald Trump’s Taj Ma WALL | by DonkeyHotey

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