US military invests $10 million on Traumatic Brain injury scanner

The US military is investing $10 million for the development of a portable device capable of assessing traumatic brain injuries on the field. The contract for $9,990,947 was awarded to the California-based Neural Analytics, Inc. The contract was given at a “firm fixed price,” the Army Times reported. “Our objective is to build an instrument for someone with little or no training that they can use reliably,” Leo Petrossian, CEO of Neural Analytics, said. The device will be developed over the next year and a half and could be +Qready for testing in March 2019.

The Lucid System will have to be approved by the US Army and Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which may take up to two years. Only then could Lucid be deployed to all branches of the US military. The investment comes as US defense authorities reported a dramatic increase in traumatic brain injuries to soldiers since 2001. Over 217,000 traumatic brain injuries among US army soldiers alone have been reported.

The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences reported that 17.3% of returning US military personnel, since 9/11, met the criteria for “being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.” Up to 22% of combat casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan “were the result of brain injuries,” which marks an increase of 12% since the Vietnam, according to the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Brain Injury Center.


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