War on Terror has cost American taxpayers at least $1.7 trillion since 2001

According to a 74-page DoD dossier, the ‘War on Terror’ has cost American taxpayers at least $1.7 trillion since 2001. The dossier breaks down the cost of America’s various conflicts and revealed that the ongoing war in Afghanistan and in Iraq account for the greatest chunk.

Operation Enduring Freedom (the ‘War on Terror’ between 2001-14), Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq War) and Operation New Dawn (operations in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2010-11) made up the biggest expense; costing a combined $1.315 trillion. Current military operations cost $147.6 billion.

These operations include $102.9 billion for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, the name given to the ‘War on Terror’ by former President Obama at the end of 2014, and Operation Inherent Resolve, (America’s operations against ISIS), which cost $17.1 billion. Operation Noble Eagle, America’s domestic air defense operation has cost $27.6 billion.

The report only included direct war-related expenses, such as new equipment, operating bases, training and paying soldiers, as well as the costs related to feeding, housing, and transportation. The CIA’s classified operations, along with the NSA’s efforts to “combat terrorism,” aren’t included in the report either.

The report only includes the total amount of funding given through war related-requests between 2001- 2017, which is $1.7 billion and includes war spending, non-war spending on fuel and the cost of running the Noble Eagle base. However, the report also includes an $83 billion in funds marked as “classified.”

Despite the monumental spending, President Trump has promised to “rebuild” the “depleted” US military. He proposed a $603 billion budget for defense spending earlier this year. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have already voted to pass $696 billion and $696.6 billion defense budgets.


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Patrick Vinson

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