Four Iraqi citizens compensated for their illegal detention & torture

Four Iraqi citizens have been given thousands of pounds in compensation for their “illegal detention and for torture by the British military” during the Iraq war. Now, these four cases set the tone for 600 other claims being brought against the British Ministry of Defense. (MoD).

Earlier this morning, a judge in London compensated the four Iraqi citizens, with one set to pocket more than £30,000 ($40.2K), after he was “deprived of sleep, sight, and sound” whilst in captivity. Justice Leggatt ruled that the four Iraqi men were “entitled to compensation under the Human Rights Act”.

Now, there’s just under 600 unresolved claims, known as the Iraqi Civilian Litigation, in which “unlawful imprisonment and ill-treatment” by British army personnel is alleged. “This judgment follows the first full trials of these claims in which the claimants themselves and other witnesses have testified in an English courtroom,” Leggatt said.

“Four cases have been tried as lead cases. There is no assumption that these four cases are representative of others, but the conclusions reached on the legal issues and some of the factual issues raised are likely to affect many of the remaining cases in the litigation. The decision sends a clear message that no-one, including the British Government, should be above the law”.

Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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