Trump approves $4 billion for beefing up Americas missile defense

A new government funding bill signed by US President Trump allocates over $4 billion for beefing up America’s missile defense “against North Korea and Iran,” and will also cover repairs for two destroyers that were damaged in collisions with merchant ships.

Approved by Congress on Thursday, the bill provides: $2.4 billion for missile defense procurement, $1.3 billion for research and development, and $43 million for operations and maintenance. Improving missile defense is one of the key features of President Trump’s new National Security Strategy, which was announced earlier this week.

This “layered missile defense system” is intended to defend the US against “threats from North Korea and Iran, and is not intended to undermine strategic stability or disrupt longstanding strategic relationships with Russia or China.”

Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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