Cape Town in South Africa to run out of clean water by April

So it begins, the first modern metropolis in South Africa is expected to be dry of any clean water from the local reservoirs by April 12th. Cape Town is in crisis mode right out of a Mad Max movie. After being given current water consumption, the city has approximately 90 days until it runs out of water.

The city has mandated that every household limit their water consumption to 23 gallons per person per day. However, only 54% of households are meeting that target. The city has asked residents to limit their showers to a couple minutes, stop watering their lawns, no washing of cars, and flushing toilets only when necessary.

As the city approaches Day Zero, four million South Africans living in the Cape Town metropolis fear for what seems inevitable. On April 22nd, apart from a major reduction in residents daily usage, the city will turn off water supplies and implement rations for residents.

The fact is, water supplies will never completely run out as the last 10% from a reservoir becomes costly and difficult to extract. The city has agreed that once the dams hit 13.5% capacity, water supplies will be shut off and residents will have to queue to collect their daily rations of 6.6 gallons of water. To help keep peace and prevent water theft, armed guards will be employed.

What happens when climate change effects roll in faster creating more refugees from destructive weather? The planet has spoken through it temperature, over he last 3 years we have continually seen the hottest year on record. This is because we continue to survive off of a dead sector, the fossil fuel industry.

If we want to bring change to our earth and protect our environment, we must switch our to renewable energy to cut back emissions. As well as cracking down on the largest contributor to green house gases, big agricultural. If we continue to go down this path, our future generations will not have a safe place to call home.

Featured photograph via Reuters

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