The Latest – Your Berning Week

Giovanni LoPiccolo

Welcome to The Latest – Your Berning Week, where we give you the biggest stories and incidents of the week in a small briefing and some perspective/opinions on the issue. You can read the full articles on the official Berning Media Network website for more information.


Sunday, January 21st

  • United States government enters third day in shutdown.
  • Republicans and Donald Trump attempt to shift blame onto Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, trying to make “Schumer Shutdown” a thing.
  • Hundreds of thousands of men and women gather once again in momentous Women’s Marches around the country.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the blame-game being started by both the Republicans and Democrats, but we can surely say that it is Donald Trump’s fault. President Trump has not made any indication that he’s willing to make a deal or compromise. His efforts on including border wall funding and immigration solutions in such a compromise are nonexistent. He wants to be seen as the man who brought together all peoples, but is doing the direct opposite. No surprise here. To the Democrats, Senator Chuck Schumer has some explaining to do on his willingness to give up on DACA. Seems that we should have a new Minority Leader in the Senate, since this man truly does not represent the needs of the Democratic Party, which is trying to move more left lately (Thanks to Bernie Sanders and a few others).

In regard to the Women’s Marches, it’s a sign of hope and a beacon of light in this dark era we continue to wander around in. The Trump Administration is trying to pick us off one by one, by race, creed, sexual orientation, etc., but it won’t happen. It’s good to see that there are still hundreds of thousands, and even millions of us, that are against this reactionary agenda and Administration.


Monday, January 22nd

  • Olympic Gold Medalist, Aly Raisman confronts US Olympic team doctor, Larry Nassar on being sexually assaulted. Ms. Raisman also confronted the US Olympic Committee for allowing such behavior and assault to persist for years on end.
  • Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel is met with substantial protests by Palestinian Leaders.


Aly Raisman is one of many women coming forward and grabbing the bulls by the horn, in a sense, in controlling how this fight goes. Women, and men too, need to support each other in standing up for one another because these disgusting individuals can’t go unpunished. Her ferocity with the US Olympic Committee is reassuring as well, for we those who sit by and watch the crime happen are just as guilty as those who committed it.

The Palestinians have every right to protest Mike Pence’s visit, since the man is just a pawn of Donald Trump’s agenda. The decision to name Jerusalem the irrefutable capital of Israel was a reckless and really an inappropriate thing to do. On one hand, the Jewish people have suffered immense pain throughout history and should be compensated. But, pushing out one population to fit in another is not right either. The US needs to take a position on helping both the Israelis and Palestinians, as well as punish them both for acting aggressively (economically through sanctions) towards each other. The end goal is to establish a home for both peoples, to establish peace in the region. Choosing a side, in this situation, doesn’t do anyone good. The Israeli government’s actions being taken to quell any independent news of the revolts and protests must be met with significant discipline.


Tuesday, January 23rd

  • School shooting takes place in a Kentucky high school, leaving two 15 year old students dead. Fourteen students were wounded, nine of which were shot directly, and the other five not injured by gunfire.
  • Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin announces that shooter will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

This is an act of terror taking place in our homes far too often, and an act only responded with by “thoughts and prayers”. This excuse to answering to mass shootings has been overused, it’s disheartening and disappointing that our legislators aren’t taking further action on gun control. Democrats, liberals, and progressives don’t want to take away your guns! We want to ensure the safety of all people in every community, town, city, and state. We want to make sure that someone who isn’t stable, mentally or emotionally, shouldn’t have guns. Is it really that ridiculous to want to make sure crazy people don’t have guns? Come on, this isn’t about taking away our Second Amendment Right, it’s about bringing some sanity and safety.


Wednesday, January 24th

  • Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon becomes richest man in the world and reaches highest net-worth after the launch of Amazon Go.

Any real news here? Not really. Just another company head becoming even more wealthy as the rest of the nation and world loses out. The rest of us as in the 99%. Of course this coincides greatly with the GOP’s tax plan that is surely going to give Mr. Bezos even more money.


Thursday, January 25th

  • In a commune within the City of Milan, Italy, Pioltello, a devastating train crash leaving 3 confirmed dead and over 100 injured. The crash happened at the Pioltello Limito Station where two train cars derailed, causing the crash.


Friday, January 26th

  • Donald Trump joins numerous world leaders in Davos, Switzerland on a forum on economics. Promotes message of America First
  • Is met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel stating the following on such isolation, “Ever since the Roman Empire, ever since the Chinese Wall, we know that shutting ourselves off doesn’t help to protect your borders,” she said. “You also need good cooperation with your neighbors, you need good agreements, valid agreements that are respected.

Yet again, the real leader of the free world gives the Donald another important history lesson. Shutting yourself out does you no good. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently won a fourth term, showing that this woman knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about. Her openness to welcoming fleeing refugees, maintaining social welfare policies and expanding them, and even keeping Vladimir Putin in place, are examples of what a true leader is like. Donald Trump is a mere child, he is overshadowed by a powerful woman who is the face of western democracy and the face of an inclusive global community. I’m completely fine with having Chancellor Merkel hold the mantle of Leader of the Free World, for our commander-in-chief neither shows it or deserves it.









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