Philadelphia City Council unanimously calls to end cash bond in Philly

On Monday the Philadelphia City Council passed a non-binding resolution calling for the Philadelphia District Attorney to bring an end to the cash bond system in the city of Philly.

The resolution was introduced by Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., who has been pressing for change surrounding the city’s cash bail system, while also referencing Washington, D.C., which got rid of the very system over 20 years ago.

Councilman Jones said in a statement:

“I’m excited because I believe for the first time, the district attorney, the administration, the courts, are all moving in the same direction on reducing the reliance on cash bail. Either someone is a danger to themselves or society, or they are not. Holding people for ransom doesn’t make us safer by using cash bail. So we are working with our colleagues at the state level to actually change the law requiring it.”

The city councils recommendation :

The City Council says that it will be pushing for the courts to not rely on a system that many feel has been wrongly holding people in jail for non-violent crimes as they are awaiting trial.

Featured photo from Tribune photo / Phillip Jackson

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