Israel issues deportation notices to African migrants

On Sunday, the first wave of notices will be distributed to male African asylum seekers who are in the country without families, by the Immigration and Border Authority, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Israel has started issuing deportation notices to African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan.

20,000 people who are not held in the country’s open detention facility are be expected to leave within 60 days of receiving the notice, or risk being imprisoned indefinitely in Israel .

The authority says it would arrange for Israeli travel documents for those leaving and pay their airfare:

“The authority’s representatives will assist you in the process of leaving the State of Israel until the date of your flight, and any questions you may have can be addressed to them,”

It was noted that a grant of $3,500 would be given them at the airport before boarding the plane, along with an entry visa to the country of destination:

“Upon arrival at the third country, a local team will be waiting for you at the airport to accompany you during the first few days. The staff will take you to the hotel that was arranged for you, where you will meet the local representatives, who will explain your options,”

This is a developing story with updates to come.

Featured photo via Middle East Eye

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Patrick Vinson

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